Group Painting & Sculpture  Exhibition

Curator: Setareh Hosseini

۱۵th. to 25th. June 2018


Parisa Aslankhani, Mahnaz Passikhani, Ebrahim Hassanzade Dizaj, Atefeh Khas, Leila Refahi, Maryam Zargar Reihaneh Savari, Maryam Toloei, Saba Arabshahi, Mohammad Ali Adili, Mina Abdoos, Esmat Alirezaei, Parvane Ghesmati Motlagh, Leila Goudarzi, Ali Nourpour


Among the different approaches in portraiture, this is merely a small curation from which one can follow the depictions of cultural, social, political and concerns of the contemporary world. In this approach, portraiture becomes a metaphorical body, having wide capacities and potential.

This series of works have been curated based on how the artists have distances themselves from the more common portrait methods, and not just in using the media and techniques but also the artists perspective in dealing with the contemporary approaches to art, showing their sensitiveness, knowledge and critical reactions to the society’s happenings and waves.

In fact, in these works, portraiture reflects the social and individual viewpoints of the artist. In these portraits, the main issue is the change in narration, acting like a complicated equation between the artist’s individuality, the subject, and the society.

Setareh Hosseini




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