۲nd Armenia Art Fair


۲nd Armenia Art Fair 31 May – 3 Jun, 2019
Armenia Art Fair is back for its second edition with more artists representing more countries. They’re also introducing our new Art Week platform, offering an exciting cultural program that gives visitors a chance to see renowned international artists and curators.

Visitor Information
Preview Date: 31 May 2019
Open Days: 1-3 June 2019

Addtional Programs
• Talks
• Workshops
• Special Performances
• Projects
• Art Week
• Exhibitions

Emerging Iranian Artists (IEA), an Instagram page that will be presenting the works of four young Iranian artists within a real space for the first time, will be participating in this event with the showcase of works by:
• Amin Moazzami
• Parham Peyvandi
• Hamidreza Karami
• Masoud Jazani
and more.


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