۴th Vista Prize 2020 Selected Exhibition

Installation, Video and …


Pooya Arianpour

Parisa Pahlavan

Hamid Severi

Rozita Sharaf Jahan

Behrang Samad Zadegan

Behnam Kamrani

۱۰th September to 1st  October 2021

Considering the emergence of a new generation of artists as well as the growth in the usage of new types of media, the contemporary artworks are expected to have more diversity in accents and visual representation.

Vista Gallery, has taken a new approach in founding Vista Awards by putting the emphasis on the notion of idea as the core of the artworks in the art of today, Vista aims to help promote artistic discourse, as diverse as it needs to be.
Artworks we’re submitted, following the call for entries for the fourth round of Vosta Contemporary Art Awards.
The jury started reviewing 126 works, 18 of which were qualified forthe next step, during which creators were interviewed online.
Finally 11 artworks were shortlisted.
A ceremony is expected to be held at Vista Gallery (in case pandemic restrictions are lifted), simultaneously with an exhibition of shortlisted works, in which the award and honorary medals will be unveiled and winners will be announced.
Your participation and continuous support of the Vista Awards is appreciated, as it is a driving force fostering Iranian contemporary art.

Vista Gallery
Parisa Pahlavan
September 2021


Vista Award (vista is the Persian equivalent of intellect) was founded to spotlight creativity and artistic mindset in the art of today Iran. Unsurprisingly, it managed to help a number of pioneering artists with decent works to the Iranian art community during the past four years.

The fourth round of award was coincided with the outbreak of Covid-19. Some 126 works of art were submitted, 18 of which were selected by the jury for the next level. After holding online meetings with the creators, 11 artworks were named as the winners of the award.

Submitted works were of higher quality, compared to the previous rounds. Ethnicity, society and environmental were the dominant theme of the works.

The jury meticulously reviewed and discussed the artworks to make sure the winners do deserve the award.

It seems that qualified works this year are also diverse and in various accents.

Behnam Kamrani

Avazeh Almasi | Pooneh Oshidari | Aidin Bagheri | Maryam Behrouzinia | Alireza Khosroabadi | Omid Rahimpour | Mitra Soltani | Zhobin Abdiani
Narges Farahani | Sara Ghazi Asadollahi and Gelareh Goudarzi |  Agreen Lotfollahzadeh and Faezeh Khan Mohammadi