Vista Gallery was established in 2013 in the center of Tehran near some of the most important old and new cultural centers under the management of Mrs. Parisa Pahlavan. The purpose of this gallery was the promotion and support of modern contemporary Iranian Art. The gallery has constantly followed this goal by holding art exhibitions, publishing art books and founding Vista Great Award.
Emphasizing on the display of paintings and sculptures since the time of establishment, the gallery tried to add another field called “Vista Plus” early in 2015 with an empirical pioneer approach in displaying modern media works such as installation, video art, photography, etc. It has hosted over 58 individual and group exhibitions from the works of about 200 old and young artists.
Came to the scene to support young, talented, and new artists, Vista Gallery founded Vista Great Award in 2016. After an annual public call for artistic ideas and proposed projects, this 300 million-Rial-cash-award was given to the winner after judged by a group of five or six experts. The winner should use the award to develop his project and display it in an individual exhibition in the gallery. In addition, a group exhibition was held in the gallery with the semi-finalists’ works.
As an educational and cultural activity, the gallery also publishes the books of works of older artists simultaneously during exhibitions. Three books and numerous book/catalogues have been published so far. In a cooperation with the cultural department of some embassies in Tehran, Vista Gallery has successfully exhibited the works of non-Iranian artists and has held group exhibitions of Iranian and foreign artists.
In order to expand its international activities, Vista Gallery tries to participate in global artistic markets and cooperate with foreign galleries and cultural organizations to hold individual and group exhibitions and exchange artists.