Name: Ebrahim Hasanzadeh

Education: M.A in Illustration from Sureh University

Born: 1985 Karaj/ Iran

Contact Information: 09355202703

Solo Exhibitions:

  • Shahr-e Gonah (City of Sin)/ Vista Gallery/ 2018
  • Kaafeh Goosheh ( Goosheh Café)/ ۲۰۱۷

Group Exhibitions:

  •  First Prize Winner in the 4th Young Designers of Zakal Festival/ 2019
  • Presence in the Exhibition of Selected Works in the 1st RTP Festival / Farmanfarma Gallary / 2019
  •  Presence in the 7th Exhibition of Mehmani-ye Honar (Art Party)/ Iranian Artists Forum Gallary/ 2019
  •  Environment Exhibition/ Vista Gallary/ 2018
  •  Mahdoode-ye Moshtarak (Shared Range) Exhibition/ Shavadoon Gallary/ Sooshtar / 2018
  •  Masnavi Illustration Exhibition/ Ex gallery/ Germany/ 2017
  •  Shaahnaameh Illustration Exhibition/ Sirous gallery/ Canada/ 2017
  •  ۵th Art Exhibition for Peace/ 2017
  • Small tableaux Exhibition/ Arya Gallary/ 2014


The term “civilization” has different and various meanings. The simplest meaning can be defined as the life style of a group of people living in a same geographical region and having common purposes.  Shahr-e Gonah (City of Sin) is the name of a region, which is running with its special laws. In this city, the voice of dancing and gamboling in joy carnivals can be heard from far distance. In these series of paintings, the laws of this city can be seen by colors and canvas.


Selected Artworks

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