۱۹۵۲ Tehran

Painter and graphic designer

  • Diploma in painting from Tehran college of fine arts
  • BA in Graphic Design from Art University
  • Design of tens of political, cultural and social themed posters from 1351/ 1972, unordered
  • ۱۵ solo and more than 120 group exhibitions in Iran
  • Author of 20 volumes of drawings, paintings and graphic designs
  • Painting group exhibitions in Bangladesh, Malaysia, China, Italy, Switzerland
  • Graphic group exhibitions in France, England, Italy
  • Design of numerous insignia, logos, brand names, book covers, magazine covers
  • Design of Persian alphabet
  • Package designs
  • Teaching drawing, painting and graphic design from 1354/ 1975 until now
  • Writer of a book called 100 portraits of Takhti the champion, including the drawings, paintings and graphic design, first volume printed in 1377/ 1998
  • The second volume of 100 portraits of world champion Takhti in 1393 / 2014
  • Winner of the first biennale of painters in Iran in 1370 / 1991 held in Tehran Contemporary Museum of Art
  • Member of the central committee of Iranian painters from 1387 / 2008 to 1390/ 2011
  • Honorary member of Iranian painters society


Selected Artworks

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