Painting Exhibition

By Ashkan Mahroei

۱۸  to ۲۸ September 2015


Everything started with the roads. Hours of gazing into the cloudy desert from the bus windows. The landscape was something beyond itself. It was a bridge made of images into paradoxical feelings: fear, passion, trance, serenity, contemplation. It was a shelter for me to flee from humanity. The landscape gradually took over me. It was the landscape that chose me and talked from inside me. But even this shelter had not been free from humanity. The absence of humans in my landscapes is the result of their presence; an absence that has only been going on shortly, and a presence that can be traced from the inconsistent, rusty and old shapes in the layers of clouds and skies. The voyage started from intercity roads; not the remote roads far from urban areas, but the roads near the cities in which nature and factories are intertwined, creating miraculous forms. Yes, miraculous and even beautiful. The rustiness and erosion that have occupied the space between the earth and the sky has only beauty for me; because it is a reflection of something inside of me and around me. My works are a search that has started from the external realities, making their ways into the dark roads of my mind, and this search still goes on.