Painting Exhibition

By Zahra Ebrahimi

۴ to 14 September 2015


The bewitching pull of the arabesque in the dream-like world of Iranian art, is the representation of unity in diversity, in the systematic reality of the world. The image of the unbearable force of living is immortal in the enclosure of this art’s glorious history, an imaginary game of my paintings’ figures among the walls and these entwined flowers; a show of the morph-like unity of the figures, in spite of the plurality of their egos.

Zahra Ebrahimi

The Role of the Woman

Zahra Ebrahimi’s paintings are replete with Islamic art’s beautiful motifs coming together with contemporary women. These women are sometimes seen in normal postures and sometimes with exotic and pretentious movements. The patterns both decorate the walls and the floors, and take different forms, even taking the shape of Henri Matisse’s dancers in one of the works. What is the mystery of these women and cats coming together with these patterns? These paintings show a part of us through a different narrative.

Behnam Kamrani