Solo Painting Exhibbition


Ashkan Mahroei

۲۳th  October to 2th November 2020


Death and existence, reunited.
Chaos is the essence of all beings. It emerges and there are consequences. The chaos in the cosmos led to our very existence and the nature that looks fairly consistent to our narrow minds, is based upon the same chaos. When chaos pierces through the soul it provokes anxiety. An anxiety to which one could not surrender; for as you do, it نs your reason. But what if you drop it at its birth, on a piece of paper, with spontaneous strokes of coal and pencil and a dash of lighting and volume? The anxiety rematerializes itself from the chaotic world within to a transformed body. And how odd is this formations, illegitimate offspring of the human greed and the Mother Nature itself transforming into objects of forests and seas.
The object of nature and the landscape painting are a universal language. There are few subjects so as convenient to the need of the human soul. Metaphors such as “a sea of despair”, “storm of wrath”, “spring of life” are a testament on this account. The forests and the mountains are the place where the line between the outside and the inside are blurred. You can see the illusions by your very eyes and find yourself surrounded by your emotions. A coalescence of emotions and events, conflicting and Homogenous. Fear, distress, illusion, death, composure and progress. All demonstrating a universe growing out of chaos that conceals death and decay underneath a layer of light and color.
The underlying essence of the collection called “Ashoob”, is the landscapes I have traveled to, explored deeply and then finally recreated them in the present paintings in my own studio. For this matter they could not be conceived merely as naturalistic or ecological in its approach, but it is mostly spawned from a romantic and melancholic world of within rather than the object in the outside world. My paintings are an effort to demonstrate this confluence of the objective and the subjective. The subject I could not find a better realization for other than the nature; the origin for all the things living, notwithstanding our detachment that has been going on for a lifetime.

Ashkan Mahroei 2020