Group Multimedia Exhibition

A Study of Popular Culture Centered on the Impact of Petrochemicals on Modernity in Iran

The Case of Melamine Industry

Dropped, But Did not Break

Alireza Adambakan, Reyhaneh Afzalian, Poorang Pirataei,Setareh Hosseini,  Mohamad Hosein Xatamifar, Mahmoud Saki, Nastaran Safaei, Bahar Alizad, Roshanak Azizi, Negar Fadaei, Parinaz Goodarzian, Behnam Kamrani, Farshido Larimian, Mitra Valaei

Curator and Researcher: Ghazal Zare

Video Documentariste: Ghazal Zare, Saba Raisian

۲۵th. September to 5th. October 2020

۲۵th  September  to 5th October 2020


The purpose of holding this exhibition
Contemporary Iranian art would have no unique offering if we decide to call it «contemporary art» merely because of its concordance with the linear pattern of Western art – from classicism to modernism- without considering anything that conforms to this pattern. The remaining will have no significant value in the history of world art. In any case, art is a mirror of the life of a nation, and a fair researcher cannot cut the unwanted, weak, and fragile pieces of it at will.
The omission of the facts of history is an unpleasing action that has, unfortunately, become commonplace in Iran for obvious reasons. This has incurred severe damages to our historical memory and national consciousness. This is why we need to embrace the past and criticize any of the flawed pieces in our history. How can we learn more important lessons from this painful reflection (Afsarian, Iman; 2018, p. 402).
When it comes to group exhibitions, for example, exhibitions with ten artists centered on specific aspects of the Iranian social life experiences, the diversity of the artist and their artwork attention draws the audience›s attention more toward the ways of representation rather than artistic capabilities.
These are special social and political concerns of Iranian artists; Concerns that are of appealing to the audience. Sometimes even the importance of visual language, creativity,
Art, industry, literature, drama, even medical science, and engineering are a reflection of a nation›s survival attempts, this helps us map out an individual›s life event within their surroundings, both internally and externally.