Solo Painting Exhibition

Plastic Painting

Razieh Aarabi

۲۱th  to 28th Aug 2020


The environment is an external, internal space where each person depending on his chosen style, is experiencing it.
And every experience is the result of a thought that builds and shapes it. Sometimes it is harmful and leads to the destruction of this environment and sometimes it is beneficial and causes its stability.
And as for my environment; It is the environmental art gallery where I live my life experience in. And all these years I have been faced with a pile of waste which is intentionally or inadvertently being made by me or others who lived like me in this environment. The waste, which is hard and intolerable to clean up, and it takes years to be retrieved.
And the following collection (plastic painting) was the result of this belief and it is.

(Razieh Aarabi)