Group Painting Ehibition

The Lost Gaze
Shirin Babazadeh , Shila Jalil Piran , Mani Mehrzad , Nasrin Sadeghi Bojd
Curator : Sima Ttoosi

۱۲th  to 26th June 2020


This Curatorial project is based on a research concerning Muhammad Zaman’s paintings, who was one of the famous painters in Safavid era, which is coincident with the emergence of “perspective” in western paintings. By using perspectives in his original works, Muhammad Zaman dared and crossed the boundaries of tradition (“Sunnah”). However, he could not find a clear answer. After him, this question was neglected and considered as a style in Iranian painting, the so-called “Farangi-sazi”. His question, however, had the potential to be viewed as a question of painting style, as well as questions about the larger context of our relation with the West. In his original works, Muhammad Zaman, has arisen a question about the relation between traditional Persian miniatures and Western painting. Whether consciously or unconsciously, he realized the contradiction between the imaginary atmosphere of Persian painting and the Western perspective, and therefore, transformed this contradiction to the image as a “question”.





Shirin Babazzadeh
B.A in Graphic Design
Held 5 Solo Exhibions
Participated in 28 Group Exhibitions and Festival in Iran and Abroad

Nasrin Sadeghi Bojd


B.A in Painting


Held 2 Solo Exhibitions Participated in 27 Group Exhibitions and Festival

Mani Mehrzad

۱۹۸۱ PhD student in Philosophy of Art


Held 7 Solo Exhibitions Participated in More than 10 Group Exhibitions and Festival in Iran and Abroad