Selected Proposals Exhibition

Vista Contemporary Art Prize Ceremony

Iranian Artist Forum

Hamidreza Azad | Shana Abdollahian & Ehsan Alizadeh

Sanahin Babajanians | Hoofar Haghighi | Iman Jesmi

Oldouz Nabizadehasl | Aisa Rashid | Samira Rahbani

Kolsom Salehi

۳rd Vista Contemporary Art Prize

۱۰th  to 24thJanuary 2020


Third Line

The third round of the Vista Prize reached the stage of the selected nominees. One can clearly see how this gathering, after three years, has influenced the idea and presentation of contemporary art in Iran. The idea-centered nature and freedom of artistic media and the lack of age limit in the field, gives rise to contemporary and creative works. In this period, after careful examination and counting the highest number of votes per person, nine selected works were placed on the final list. In most of the works, a layout position had been selected for presentation. Hamid Reza Azad had combined his layout with a horn-like sound and volume to make a thoughtful reference to history. Sanahin Babajanians had combined the volumes of Muqarnas (ornamented vaulting) – shaped Iranian architecture with the paintings of Christian monuments and displayed it in a conceptual volume. In his layout, Iman Jesmi had emphasized the pure properties of the sound of objects derived from the interactive crossing of the audience. Hoofar Haghighi had portrayed Tehran’s early fantasy landscapes with refinement, naming, and a meticulous process. Kolthum Salehi had put the intrinsic features of the architectural structures and animal skin in an expressive association.Samira Rohbani had shown the braided in an introspective establishment. Olduz Nabizadeh had given his ceramic molds new functions and concepts, and an architectural status. Shana Abdollahian and Ehsan Alizadeh had shown a spiral structure with growing medicinal fungi to challenge utopian concepts. In her layout, Aisa Rashid had offered a new understanding of perspective.
These works represent the contemplative creations of contemporary Iranian art. An art that is dynamic, diverse, and motivated, despite the difficult and evolving conditions it is in.

Behnam Kamrani