۱۹۸۵, Valkenswaard, Netherlands

Kavelaars started his career as an autodidactic painter in 2009. He ran his own studio/gallery in Amsterdam and rose to prominence through several performances, exhibitions and collaborations, including the Van Gogh Museum and high-end fashion brands. Kavelaars has been represented by No Man’s Art Gallery since 2012; the gallery took his work to Shanghai in 2013. The dynamics of the vibrant city, new energy and contrast with life at home inspired Kavelaars to move to China. He has remained there ever since. 

From the first brush stroke he set in Shanghai, he experienced a creative energy he had previously not been able to channel, an endless source of inspiration that noticeably changed the works he creates, and has even drastically changed his life. Kavelaars’ paintings visibly manifested a new direction. His work became stronger, his oeuvre found a focus and he became more and more conscious of his process. In the past two years his practice primarily focused on defining the parameters of creative freedom.

Since moving away from the Netherlands Kavelaars has occasionally returned to Amsterdam, to  try and recreate that same creative energy he experienced in Shangai. However he found that energy elusive and failed to create with the same centred direction. In 2016, together with No Man’s Art Gallery he devised an experiment to try and recreate the energy he finds in Shanghai. The outcome was his solo exhibition No Good Can Come of This, where the artist was confined in a space for three weeks to recreate elements that seemed to catalyse a creative freedom in him: social isolation, loneliness and powerlessness. The outcome was a series of works that are created with the same intensity and focus that his work in Shanghai possesses. “I want to create a world I can get lost in. I want to be able to look at it endlessly, discover new meaning and reflect on it.”

Kavelaars’s works have been exhibited and sold in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Paris, Eindhoven, Amsterdam and are a part of several private collections.

Selection of Solo Exhibitions

Solo 2016 No Good Can Come Of This, No Man’s Art Pop-Up Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

۲۰۱۵ Live paint performance, Dutch consulate, Shanghai,China

۲۰۱۳ Sous 623, Amsterdam, Netherlands      

Red Light Art Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Live paint performance, Nuit Blanche, Amsterdam, Netherlands Made in China, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2012 Sous 623, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Live Paint performance Bead the poetry, Dordrechts Museum, Netherlands 2011 Opening Gallery Kavelaars, Magna Plaza, Netherlands
Live Paint Performance, PUP Amsterdam, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Selection of Group Exhibitions

۲۰۱۴ No Man’s Art Pop-Up Gallery, CapeTown, SouthAfrica Wanderlust, Shanghai, China Begin from chaos, Inna Contemporary Art Space, Hangzhou, China 2013 Grote 7 meets van Gogh, Van Gogh Museum, Netherlands Kyra & Merijn, No Man’s Art Gallery and Secret 7 Gallery, Shanghai, China No Man’s Art Pop-Up Gallery, Shanghai, China

۲۰۱۲ ArtisticAffairs,WallsGallery,Amsterdam,Netherlands No Man’s Art Pop-up Gallery, Paris, France
Blue Jeans, Centraal Museum, Utrecht, Netherlands Kunst-10-Daagse, Stomperoren, Netherlands Hot Stuff, Walls Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
No Man’s Art Pop-Up Gallery, Kopenhagen, Denmark No Man’s Art Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Selected Artworks

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