Painting Exhibition

By Neda Azami

۱۹th to 29th August 2016


Recent works by Neda Azami are paintings of Iranian carpets (Qashqai carpets) which are designed by the artist herself, and in each one there is a female figure in the middle (in the part usually called Toranj). These unconventional compositions are accompanied by clouds, drops of paint or water and other elements.

Women in these works seem mythical and magically transformed, as if they are some human-shaped dolls in contrast with these rugs which belong to a vanishing subculture. These paintings have a specific pictorial quality, in fact the painter has made use of familiar elements but at the same time by bringing them together using different methods has somehow defamiliarized them. By adjoining different elements and styles, A’zami addresses past and present to the viewer, and make you see what is in her possession and what is wearing out.

Behnam Kamrani

Forgotten House

In “ Forgotten House” I tried to represent a part of forgotten culture and memories. Due to my familiarity with Persian carpet patterns, I chose Qashqai motifs to have a contemporary look at the times past. I have put these motifs together with present-day portraits to bring the past into the present and conjoin them before the eyes of modern viewers. Combining these portraits and motif is also reminiscent of pictorial carpets of the past.

Neda Azami