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Drawing Exhibition

By Saeed Noroozi

۱۳th To 16th January 2017


The modern man is a tangled coil invaded by the abundant thoughts, emotions and contradictions between himself and the world around him. He passes through life far from nature and his essential aspects.
Every moment, he is exposed to a great deal of information, patterns and judgments; judgments wrapped in a colorful cover of displaying lights and enlightenments.
In fact, these beliefs have long been swallowed by the material world.
What is presented to him every day as the quintessential successful pioneer man is often so in contradiction with the essence of human being that crucifies him deliberately or in-deliberately to predetermined beliefs and values.
Saeed Noroozi is in fact the author of this crucified mutilated man; crucified between the choice of being himself or selling himself. He depicts an imaginary world immersed in itself with lines and shades and textures. A world in which the man is called to face a superhuman challenge during his search.

Maryam Mahin