Solo Ceramic Exhibition

Fahimeh Heydari

۲nd to12th July 2021


Iranian traditional art is the art of applying proportions to make a unity of the fractions. The art of symmetry and repetition. From what perspective do we watch the arts of our land and what do we learn from it? How does traditional Iranian art appear to a person with life experience in the contemporary world, and what is the special approach to retrospect the Iranian identity of the artist? The fundamental questions that led me as a potter to explore my own attitude confrontation with the material of ceramic.

This exhibition is a study on form using institutional proportions in Iranian architecture of the Islamic period and functional ceramics in Iran from the Iron Age to the present. Search for virtual eternal beauty in the real and contemporary world in the template of the functional forms without touching the boundaries of sculpture. Creating forms that is the rotation of curved lines around a central axis, is achieved by working on a pottery wheel. The firing process as the final step of making the work is sometimes done with bone firing and smoke firing which was common in the Iron Age and sometimes with globalized firing methods such as Sagar and Raku. Techniques that make possible to have a combination of matt and dark surfaces with geometric patterns beside plain surfaces with bright and shiny colors, when is necessary provide monochrome surfaces.

Fahimeh Heydari