Layout of Sculptures Exhibition

By: Ali Etebar


۱۹th  &  ۲۶th July 2019


The man of intelligence will take the grain of meaning:
He will not pay any regard to the measure, if it is removed.
Ali Etebar challenges the concept of seeing in his works. He attempts to see the very phenomena which are hidden for their intensity of disclosure. The phenomena which are fleeting in the context of daily life or I’d better say it in context of his own experience of life. The modification of position and the view he takes to an object, its function, and its integration with figurative is how he expresses the meaning and perception of his works grotesquely.
Familiarity with material and the way to work on it to turn its capabilities and limitations into opportunities to intensify the concepts and meanings it aims to convey, is the specific ability of his work. In his , in my own wording, ‘barrel-man’ collection fragility and hollowness are the inherent features of pottery and ceramics that he has exploited meaningfully.
The poetic nature of the works forms as a result of the metaphorical connections between Iranian social concepts and views and pottery. He challenges the Sufi mythology – the omniscient- in a hollow earthen figure, and signifies its fragility and instability. Understanding this point in his works opens up a way for the audience to freely review and reread the history and tradition of the community. And where the myths and the cultural pillars collapse, is the right place that the audience finds the chance to liberally judge the history and truth of our social life.
Hamidreza Sadeghzadeh
July 2019