Sculpture and painting exhibition

By Karim Nasr

۱۷ april to 1 may 2015


“He is Still Alive” was the first short story I read. It was in “Etela’at Dokhtaran va Pesaran”. And this was an introduction to literature. I was eight years old then.

It was the story of two village boys who were stuck in snow and storm. One boy’s foot freezes and he can’t move anymore. The other one heads toward the village to bring help.

And help comes when the boy is almost freezing and it’s his last breaths.


Years have passed since “He is Still Alive” and surprisingly I never knew this was the story of my life and perhaps all of us.

In all my years, I was only alive. I understood this a few years ago. It was the year 2011.

The year the society froze, rich and poor.

The year peoples’ lives were plundered.

The damned “all choices on the table” year.

Is it not surprising that I had read the story of a nation before it happened? I had been such a retard! It took me so long to understand a childish story! Not only my body, but also my mind had been frozen.

Alas, I may one day understand that “He is Still Alive” is the story of all human beings, all of them.