Painting Exhibition

By Nasrin Gharedaghi Vanjani

۲۹th June to 6th July 2018

Childhood has a main role in every one’s life. Those years which we don’t make our own choices and are fed by other’s. Society, education, media, each creates a new-colored context for our life and in front of these bombastic new events, we may lose our very own roots of essence.
To reveal these shadows, one must shine a light of wisdom, omit the colors from the life and have a narrative view.
A part of my childhood, is now putted together, in black and white. Those moments, once drowned in sharp colors, are now passing colorless in front of my eyes and unveil the dark sides of my existence.
Exploring these ghostly images won’t lead us to the truth. Sometimes a part of the context is in pure darkness. This collection is formed by pieces that are in fact the pieces of life itself.