Painting, Installation & Photography Exhibition

By Setareh Hosseini


Like Bubbles and Clouds

Girls suspended between staying and leaving, between narratives told by modern life. Girls who are abandoned or are counting their hopes in a hidden ceremony. Clouds on edges, bubbles around, patterns in the surroundings: in Setareh Husseini’s works, women have both tranquility and suspense. They are either in between a sense of covering themselves with a routine attitude, or are drowning in clouds and bubbles and patterns symbolizing delicacy and instability. Her techniques are varying as well: sometimes she has used a realistic approach, and in some works gray tonalities make up formless and fluid backgrounds with sketched out figures.

The photo-installations in this series with their various lights and stains are framed in bubbles, with more small bubbles on the surface.

These works differ from the usual representation of women, but nevertheless have symbolic and figurative elements using semiotic clues, taking us gradually into their realm; likes clouds and bubbles!

Behnam Kamrani