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Painting Exhibition

By Manoochehr Soltani

۱۳th to 23rd July 2018


The Live Dolls, created by the daily dialogues of the people, having passed a long way to be seen in the visual world of painting. This manifests the fact that most of our daily choices are influenced by the media, everything is more like a news for the viewer to an event (no matter good or bad).

What is also important is that no sense of happiness and intimate relationship is felt in this environment and no general sympathy arose when a bad and unfortunate event is taking place outside. What can be observed is their record in the rectangular LCD-like frame of his eyes.

The current need of today human being to any kinds of media and his access to a bulky volume of information in the least time reduced his insight and wisdom and any one eagerly tries to show off himself by holding to any accessible way.

It seems the human body is shedding in virtual world of media, sawing himself imprisoned in it for centuries, now finding a dream hole to satisfy his other needs in a few seconds.

This process changed him to a model in the gradual movement of modern life. A model who has no sense, feels cool and disturbed in understating his vicinity and disabled him to establish a direct connection to his surroundings.