Painting Exhibition

By Fatemeh Pakdel

۲۰th to 24th October 2017


Human mind and imagination- while invisible- plays an crucially important role in their emotions, affairs and activities. To illustrate the emotions and individual affairs of humans, I have made use of this feature of mind (absence). Deletion has also been used as another feature of mind which has caused a part of the human entity to be removed.

In some paintings the subject is shown headless, eyeless or hairless. One part of the human organs missing or paradoxical naming of the works directs the viewers’ mind toward a certain deleted component.

To accomplish what I had in mind, I paid attention to simple human affairs such as expectation, light-headedness, relaxation, suspension and all the daily confusions of humans and as a result I managed to beautify the work in a way that not only can the audiences see through their eyes, but also they can read texts alongside with listening to a song or a monologue including think-alouds of a human mind.