Painting exhibition

By Rana Bourbour

۶ to 16 may 2016


Human beings are biological creatures who are not independent of the nature. No matter what choices they make, all of them are infertile and disabled; in relationships, power, policy, prosperity, development, etc.

There is no salvation! The tragedy is being replayed forever with the same seductive but obviously artificial decoration. Man looks for the missing certainty and considers the whole universe as his prison.

The phenomena of time, life experiences, and the human nature in any sort of appearance will challenge our achievements, expectations, beliefs, and trusts and will reveal the complexities, contradictions and absurdity of human life. However, that always comes up covered by a cheerful, and definitive, and emancipatory appearance that will be led to absurdity at last.

Thus, every text will be infertile and maybe the most infertility being considerable regarding frozen and two dimensional images.

By utilizing colors and images, I am not aiming to depict any certain content but vague hints that are disintegrated while cheerful, and colorful while they are inconsistent and perhaps absurd.