Group Painting Exhibition

۲۲ May to 1 Jun 2015

Curated by: Aidin Xankeshipour


Marjan Torabi

Hanie Farhadi nik

Nazanin Ghahremani

Saeed Hossein

Amir Mahmoudian

Mehrdad Karimi

Abolfazl Ma’sumi

Amin Zein al dini


On Orbit Zero

No spot on planet earth has been able to escape human interference. Nevertheless, letting go the concept of nature would be an extreme reaction to this – extreme indeed, because this letting go, merely signifies one of the definitions of “nature”; a place untouched by mankind.

The environment, the negative space around humans, is reshaped all the time, not by its own choice but by force. This force has become an integral part of nature. It is like entering a mirror hall to find a person, while being confused by our inability to find the source of the images. While nature is affected by humans, they are affected by it as well – these actions and reactions creating a cycle, whose first step has been lost.

When we create images, we have been placed in a different frame, having a story ourselves, and recreating a story for the people in our image. We create another nature and reshape it, while we are the ones reshaped. The impact of each one of us on the negative space outside, when we aim to stand on an orbit with others, causes a convergence of energies, thus creating a deeper and more lasting change. A new view towards nature, meaning what we are surrounded by, and redefining it, is a way to tread on orbit zero, where all human differences amass – something that can be traced through the history of art.

On Orbit Zero is the result of several forms of impact and inspiration on and from the environment, and multiple definitions of nature. Surely, the boundaries of nature are both vast and vague, being able to house different perspectives, opening the way for creating a new narrative from the environment.

No boundaries; no considerations; no strings attached.

Aydin Xankeshipour

Autumn 2014