Sculpture & Installation Exhibition

By Negar Naderipour

۲۲nd Jan to 5th. Feb 2016


Basso Ostinato aka Ground Bass ([Italian] ostinate bass)

[Music] A musical pattern, as a melodic figure, repeated continuously throughout a composition’s bass line; A type of variation form in which a bass-line, or harmonic pattern is repeated as the basis of a piece underneath variations.

What do the things that cover us, reveal? And what do the things that are hidden, signify? Negar Naderipour’s works are structured on paradoxes.

The rough, handmade, bronze sculptures — and the readymade fabric men’s socks; to be revealed and to be disguised. Her title “Basso Ostinato” links a musical aspect to feminine individuality and sociality. In the installation of her works, Negar Naderipour puts the thought of figuration in opposition to losing the body. Her works pose a sarcastic question towards the dual conceptualizations of the mind, the body, the society, and the individual.

Behnam Kamrani