Painting Exhibition

By Maral Esfehani

۲۴th July to 3 August 2015


From all secrets, only an “A” came out, whatever remained was the description of that “A”. Of course, that “A” was not understood.

(Shams Tabrizi)

In my whole life, all the time, I have been searching to find the answer regarding the truth of creation of the human being and the philosophy of creation, and have realized that in order to get my answer, I need to travel from myself to my inspiration which is the principle of Mysticism. From the start of this travel I was awarded with two essences in myself; one was myself and one my inherent self, which were too estranged from each other. Following the conciliation of these two, and becoming one sprit, I took refuge to my imagination. The fanciful form of imagination in real mind was then achieved. Sprit in that place is appeared in the form of previous revelation and feelings are converted to imaginary forms.

And this is a trip from the beginning to the beginning…