Painting and Installation Exhibition

By Farnaz Nikookhah

۱۶ to 23 July 2021


The collection of “ Patchworks” narrates the “inner life” of women, from the past to the present.

An aspect of them that, despite its great importance, due to expediency, may not have had the opportunity to appear properly.

Some of them have kept the light inside, however, even a little, even.

Some have taken refuge in silence and how few are those who fly, difficult flight and sometimes too late…

These are not slogans, they are not stereotypes…

These are still an important part of the lives of many women today, of our own gender…

The women in this series each narrate their “innermost” feelings: stories not to tell…

The relationship between architectural forms, decorations, and women is not merely an external relationship but is based on an inner understanding of meaning.

 Farnaz Nikookhah

 * Patchwork  is an interconnected collection of different parts, including various works of calligraphy, painting, illustration, etc., which are connected in the form of piece by piece. And the word means patched garment, a garment made of pieces of sewn fabric, a cloak that has rectangular patches.



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