Exhibition of kinetic sculptures

By Arash Fateh

۲۰  to ۳۰ April 2018


In the collection of works and In this work course from 2014
strings make it possible to link two or more points in space, indicating the relation between them; relationship between bands and their materials are examined in their assemblage. Structures and textures that before this act had no singular identity or personality.
This feature can be searched and interpreted among many linguistic variants, because without distancing, changing, repeating, and contradicting, and Différance between the elements, meaning and expressions will be perceived.
Like musical intervals. It is through these differences and the relation between them that a meaning is created.
But these elements are not constant and rigid coordinates in space, but are in oscillation and suspension. Their way of oscillation, their kinetic is result of forces, form of materials and conditions governing them. Bundles, nodes, joints and supports, elasticity, limits and frequencies of twines and springs, the dominant thermodynamic flows, the direction and severity of currents, the presence or absence of a human subject or any other force, play a role in how this dynamic work.
The fluctuation and suspension of concepts with regards to the context and the spirit of the text, language and ways of expression, writing and phonology play principle role in the philosophy of “deconstruction” of the contemporary French philosopher Jacques Derrida. (Also in this text)

This norm is also dominant on the masses of the “metallic mesh”, and creates a two-way reaction between the bundles and shells and the soft or compressed masses of the suspended form.

Figures are not as rigid and constant as concepts, but they constantly fluctuate and are in flux
On this basis, it can be assumed that these contexts are biologically and self-consciously influenced by the movement, frequency, oscillation, rotation , suspension, and suspension, space, and substrate , transforming and life-giving, and in a multi-agent action Between himself and his context, the dialectical path of perception, consciousness, and self-awareness between subject and object in the meaning that Hegel refers to in the “phenomenology of the soul”.