Photo & Sculptures Exhibition

By Behzad  Shishegaran

۱۸ to 28 December ۲۰۱۵


Behzad’s body forms

“Art has nothing to do with life and nature “is a new cliché that should and will not replace the old saying “Art imitates life or nature”. A more accurately view is that art is in constant communication with life and nature, a two way exchange, and the borders of this exchange do entirely depend on the extent of an artist’s creative force, his competence and his experience. Abstract artists have all tried to succeed in creating a mental space which would be authentic, unique and dreamlike, and they have had success too but the mechanism of abstraction has its foundation in the analysis of information and in models in an external world to human beings, which in a reshuffling of the composition in mind, creates a new work that would stand out tall against all other external beings; that is, the unique creation of human mind versus the existing creation. Being aware that from the structure of a cell to the galactic space, there are milliards of unknown natural phenomena constantly forming and evolving faced with which the imagination of humans has no recourse but to feel quite humble, nevertheless the creative human being, similar to the ever-changing labyrinthine world, does not stay still for a moment and creates incessantly.

Photo-sculptures of Behzad Shishegaran, are the new creative frontier for this multimedia artist. Expert and masterful in the domains of design, painting, sculpture and graphic, in a skilled and well balanced synthesis of all those artistic experiences; he has ventured forth to create body forms standing on the verge of presumed absolute abstraction as well as relative doubtful materiality. Human beings are as ever at the centre of his work, the forefront of his mind, opting for a collagesque selection of body parts and transforming their details with morphing soft wares; he has achieved novel sculptural forms with innovative compositions. These corporal forms have vague and accidental resemblance to human body and its movements but in these new compositions aka photo-sculptures, they have somehow become independent and self-contained and free from need of an outside referral. Behzad body forms do not exist in actual world but their surreality are not completely cut off and devoid of a certain natural reality and it is precisely in this paradox that lays his tour de force. This kind of experiment, like everything under the sun, is not an entirely new one, in the history of art and literature and philosophy, it has become impossible to create novel and innovative unique works. We are standing on the shoulders of experiences and discoveries of others, as the continuum of our forefathers, provided that we could be deemed capable and worthy to be part of this prolonged existence. It is as if the language is already set up and in use, we just internalise and personalise the longstanding discoveries and make that space our own, once again. A large number of photographers and sculptors in Iran have tried their hands in this field but it had been a rare feat to succeed in it. Behzad, a master in several media, had consciously- perhaps most cunningly- used mixed media, and all his know-how in graphic design, the finesse and daring dexterity in the composition of his paintings and the playfulness of an experimental designer have come to his aid in entering this realm, to realize new pictorial experiences, in the domain of photos turned sculptures. He uses the association of the forms, the door to which is open and at once firmly shut, he gives scope to assimilation but the assimilated form hits the unassimilated wall, as not being the same entity, and breaks down. The dissected human turns into objects and dream like forms and the viewer steals a glance of a corporeal form and then tries to perceive, discover and analyse this human universe, as in this make belief world, each sculpture bears resemblance to something and then again it does not, and this in fact, is the essence of the works. This practice bestows the spectator the freedom to name the sculpted photographs as he wishes, time and again, and to bind an invented imagined creation to any personal story he wishes. It is worth remembering that Shishegaran has never been one for fanciful fantastic or formalistic works, the pivotal themes in his creative mind are: modern man, metamorphosis of the space, the degeneration of the good old merits and values, criticism towards an obdurate incompatible world and the irrational relations between human beings.

                                                                                 ۲۸th Aban 94/19 November 2015, Writer’s complex


All Artworks: Untitled | Print On Ultra Smooth 255gr Paper With Epson Ink | 2015 | 50×70|