by Shirin Ettehadieh

۷th to 21st May 2021


The Flowers and plants of Iran are the essence of “garden” and also “the Garden of Eden”. In the land of Iran-Zamin, which is overall, a dry and arid land, gardens are greatly valued. Gardening, landscaping and choosing the proper flora has been done from long time ago with precision and expertise.
Shirin Ettehadieh has often used flowers and plants as subject matters in her paintings over the years. She is a passionate and caring estimative painter, and she shows this in her choice of innovative compositions and her knowledge of colors.
The present exhibition is made up of selections of her previous works and also exhibited is a new aspect of her work which is on paper. These works of art begin with delicate color pencils and open spaces, to which is added various pieces of plants and flowers which are finalized with collages of her older works.
In the works of Shirin Ettehadieh, along with subject matters, such as a rock or flower, there are also faces of nomadic women, or female singers from various ethnic groups, as well as virgin landscapes of mountains and valleys. Painting is like living for her, painting flowers and plants have an experimental aspect. Shirin Ettehadieh uses combinations of horizontal and vertical, close-ups and long-shots, empty and crowded spaces, color choices from faded and delicate to bold and energetic. She reincorporates images from her past work in the form of added collages, which is in itself a sign of how she experiments. Shirin Ettehadieh is a shape-oriented artist with modern tendencies to the extent that her last creative periods were topic-oriented and post-modernistic. Ettehadieh›s works of plants uses expert delicate texturing on a flat surface done with quick brushstrokes that have dark outlines. These are all examples of her great abilities.

Behnam Kamrani
April 2021


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