Painting Exhibition

By Gelareh Goudarzi

۲۹th June to 6th July 2018


Twilight code

Music is playing and, at the same time, net walls with a tornado of barbed wire are revealed on their head. Beyond it, behind fences of the watchtower, he opens his legs, staring at them. The light shot from his little room will be shut off twice on a short notice and tree times for a while. He puts the radio flashlight on his shoulder, switches it on twice on a short notice and four times for a while and keeps staring. Beyond the boundaries the last single light sends them.

It’s in the twilight and they are so far from the watchtower that nothing is visible of them anyway. They keep going all the way next to the wall and now he flashes the light at fences in order for radio-man with a cutter to cut through the iron nets which seem many a time are united and disunited again to find an entry across the border. With the lights off, they still waiting for the two soldiers to drop the dead body they were carrying beyond the fences and get away.­