۱۹۸۷, Tehran

To track my interest in painting, I went to Visual Art School of Tehran after finishing guidance school. In 2005 I was accepted at the Art University in Tehran in Painting major. It was in this period that I could find my itinerary in painting. At the end of this period in 2010, by the help of my guidance professor I prepared a collection of works containing the same ideas developed during my graduation, which fortunately was received gladly by the professors of the university.
After graduation, I have continuously worked on painting and tried to develop my thought procedure. In this period I have participated in several group exhibitions. The first was the group painting exhibition of Iranian Home in Paris which was held to show Iranian youths works. Second was an exhibition in Vally gallery, which was specified to innovation of youth painters. The other was the Damonfar Biannual Festival, celebrating 250th of Faber-Castell Company. I was awarded the prize of appreciated candid in the painting section. Another event I participate in was the Avant-garde Youth exhibition which was held in Mellat Gallery in 2010. Also, in the same year, I participated in a group exhibition in Shirin Gallery, in which all the works were collected by a curator, Behnam Kamrani, with a same subject, doll. Finally in 2011 my works were presented in the first modern and contemporary visual art auction in Tehran. The exhibition before the auction was held in Shirin gallery.
Now, I am trying to complete my work method and thought frame in this route and by creating new and intact ideas get the attention of the audience to my works.



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